Dog Barking Collars

  • Posted on: 12 September 2012
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Dog barking collars to control nuisance barking

As a dog owner, nuisance barking not only annoys you, but your neighbors too. If you are fed up of your neighbors complaining of your dog’s barking, you should consider getting a dog barking collar to help train your dog to not bark at practically all the noises and movements in your home.

Types of Dog Barking Collars

Shock Collar for Dogs

  • Posted on: 5 September 2012
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Shock Collar for Dogs to Help You Control Your Dog

Owners of large and unruly dogs, especially owners who find it difficult controlling their dogs find shock collar for dogs a great help. There are different types of Training Collar for dogs, some of these are non-electronic while other collars give mild electric shocks through remote control whenever a dog does something wrong.

Dog Breeds and their Characteristics

  • Posted on: 11 November 2008
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Dog Breeds and their Characteristics

Dogs are loyal pets with different attributes and characteristic variations in every breed. It is an exhaustive effort to list out the entire dog breeds and their characteristics. Here is a small effort to identify few dog breeds with their characteristics.

Italian greyhounds are small, affectionate animals belonging to the hound family. They love the lap of luxury and were often companions of noble women in Italy.

Aquariums for Decoration and Peace in life

  • Posted on: 11 November 2008
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Stress is something that both adults and children go through in the modern world with hectic timetable to be kept both at home and at office or school. Though yoga, meditation and exercise are all known remedies for fighting this stress, it has also been proven that aquariums are very effective in reducing stress.

It is the serenity of the aquarium that works at reducing stress. Fish and other inhabitants of water move in water in a peaceful motion to give a noted decrease in blood pressure and in calming nerves. In fact, even children who are hyperactivity tend to

Pet Supplies for Dogs, Cats, Birds and Fish

Attention Pet lovers!

Having dogs, cats, fish or birds at home is considered to be fashionable today. Obviously, when they become a part of your family, they deserve your special care. Pet supplies such as Pet beds, Pet food, Pet clothing, health and beauty products for pets, pet toys, containers, medical kits, you name it and it is available in the market. So whatever you choose for them should be the best.

Pet Supplies for Dogs and Cats:
Simply getting a bed for your dog may not help him during extreme weather conditions. Various kinds of dog beds are available in the market which include a normal crate mat, hard beds, sofa beds, soft foam beds, fiber beds, orthopaedic beds and vet beds. If you are looking for a cozy bed for your cat, soft beds, heat pads, cushions and cat blankets are available.

A little research can help you select a nutritious and perfectly balanced meal for your pet. Cat food available in the pet supply stores include canned food, dry food, gourmet bakery, adult cat food, kitten food and special nutrition food. Brands such as Hill's Prescription Diet, Kasco, NutriSource, Pro Pac, Royal Canin and Science Diet are available for dogs.

While a pet supply store sells leather, nylon and chain collars for dogs, adjustable tuff collar, beaded, sassy and crystal collars are excellent for cats. Apart from these, incredible gemstone collars and even gold or diamond collars are available for your pets!

Whether it is for dogs or cats, the choice of clothes is abundant. From casual wear to ethnic wear, here is the list available in pet stores- lounge wear or formal wear, small/big clothes, sweaters, shirts, sleeveless attires, rain jackets, holiday and wedding attires, jeans…the list is endless.

Bathing, grooming and spa products for your lovely pets are also an easy choice. They includes shampoos, instant cleaners, massage oil, aromatherapy oil and even perfumes. Grooming items such as nail clippers, combs and brushes are also available. Pet medical supplies such as blood stoppers, collection tubes, needles, healing and surgical aids, bandages and respiratory aids are also sold at pet stores.

Pet Supplies for Birds and Fish
Have a pet bird at home? There are lot other things available for them which include bird baths, stands, Bird feeders, Bird food, harnesses, ladders, mirrors, perches and swings. Similarly for fish there is a great selection of aquarium and fish supplies. Aquarium water conditioners, aquarium air pumps & equipment, fish breeding equipment, aquarium cleaning tools, fish feeders, fish foods and nets are some of them.

Pet Food - What to feed your Dogs and Cats

  • Posted on: 24 October 2008
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Pet Foods

While considering foods for cats and dogs, keep in mind the fundamental truth that cats and dogs need meat in their diet for proper nutrition. Dogs are omnivores and can get by with vegetarian food, but an only-grain diet is still not the healthiest for them. However cats need meat or poultry to survive. On the other hand, serving only meat leads to other imbalances in nutrition. Point is, like humans, cats and dogs too need several ingredients in varying proportions. This is where packaged cat and dog foods help us- products from reputable brands offer a balanced diet to your pet.

Choosing Cat Foods

The most important ingredient in a cat’s diet should be

Winter Precautions for your Dogs

  • Posted on: 22 October 2008
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As the cold weather is kicking in, you must have started preparing for it, if not, you must be planning to. Things like taking out your woolen clothing, replacing the air filter on your heating system, making sure your car's auto starter is working and the tire pressure is normal as the cold tends to decrease air pressure as it condenses the air in your tires.

You must have started thinking about things you would do to walk to your dog in the cold mornings or chilly evenings.

Pet Beds - Beds and Mats for Dogs and Puppies

  • Posted on: 22 October 2008
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This Article helps you make a decision for buying a Bed for your Pet

A warm bed is a worthwhile investment in the health and well being of your dog. It provides him rest, support to the joints and sense of security. Pet stores today have a wide range of pet beds. You can choose a bed according to the special needs of your pet- the breed, size and age related problems if any. There are choices in terms of budget, shape and material too.

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